About Us

McBrave Games is brought to you by two Scots, who have worked in the mass participation events industry for a combined 25 years. We both have a deep rooted love of Scotland, and are thrilled to bring you the McBrave Games.


Over the last 12 years or so,  Andrew has created and delivered a wide range of events across the UK. From cities, to coastlines, across Lochs and over wild and windy Munro peaks.

Andrews thoughts on events; Innovation is vital, quality is compulsory and having as much fun as possible is 100% mandatory.

When not “event-ing”, Andrew is a practicing ex rock drumming god (well in his head anyway) A fan of sensibly investigating the rest of the world, trying and failing to read more and trying to learn knot tying skills that his dad said would become handy one day. He was right.


Fav Scots Quote: Keep the heid!


Originally hailing from Highland Perthshire, Jo’s love for outdoor events is almost as strong as her love of Scotland. Having worked in the industry for 12 years, and delivered a variety of events from closed road cycling, triathlons, duathlons and mud running to thousands of participants, she firmly believes being able to give people that “finish line feeling” is second to none, and feels really fortunate to work in such a brilliant space, with exceptional people.

The outdoors are a passion in and out of work, and when not on an event site, or planning to be, Jo can be found exploring Scotland, and is currently on a mission to bag the Munro’s.

Make Contact

If you would like to get in touch, then drop us a note on blether@mcbravegames.com