Entry includes:

The EVENT, McBrave Finishers Medal , Scottish nip and edible treats, Scottish Music, Prizes for the best fancy dress, a great Clan Gathering, Parking and access to Newhailes Estate


Larger clans are welcome, just drop us a line for bigger groups!

Some of the Scottish inspired challenges (or games as we like to call them) you'll tackle at the event...

Tug O'War

The mighty Tug o'War is one of the most fiercely fought over competitions at the Highland Games, and features prime place on the schedule

Carry Oot

Flex your muscles and show some strength with our McB weight lift

Haggis leaps and tatties

One of the most famous Scottish suppers... with a McBrave twist

Hill Race

Hill running is a traditional event at Highland Games where it was used by the Clan Chiefs to select their fastest messengers. Clever hey? This will put you through your paces

Puttin' the Stone

A favourite. It's similar to the Shot Put, but with a river bed stone. The aim is very throw it as far as you can!

Tossin the Caber

One of the most iconic challenges within the Highland Games. Participants toss a large tapered pole(a caber). It's normally about 12.5 stone and almost 6 metres long, and made out of larch wood. You'll be tossing a caber,and a good technique is a must!

Wheechin' the Welly

Welly Wheechin' is a sport in which participants are required to throw the welly as far as possible. The current world record is almost 64 metres for men and 41 metres for women! This might not have originated in Scotland, but the Scots seem to have adopted it from Yorkshire, and we want you to have a go

Munro Baggin

There are 282 of Scotland's highest peaks over 3,000 ft, and collectively known as the Munro's. The McBrave Munro isn't quite as high, but you will need your strength to haul yourself over

Highland Fling

The brilliant Highland Fling is "a vigorous Scottish dance consisting of a series of complex steps performed solo, originally to celebrate victory". We can guarantee many of you won't have done this before; we can promise this game will be vigorous.